Celebrating All Free-Spirited Women

At Kanelle, we believe in authenticity. Kanelle fragrances are created and curated for free-spirited women who refuse to be defined by rules or convention.

Our fragrances find inspiration in the emotions, personalities, moods and experiences of women. With our range of perfumes to be worn individually or layered, we stand to our promise to include everyone and exclude noone. 

What we stand for:

Both IFRA & FDA certified, Kanelle stands for authentically curating an experience for every version of you.

For the free-spirited woman

Kanelle perfumes are a layer of confidence that elevates, enhances and complements all aspects of a woman’s personality. Kanelle celebrates the free spirit of a woman - real, dynamic, ambitious yet humble. 

Perfumes for all

At Kanelle, we believe that every woman should be able to express her authentic self. 

We believe that premium products should not only be affordable to all but also easily accessible. With our range of affordable luxury perfumes, we aim to exclude no one, and include everyone.

Good for the planet. Good for you. 

Both IFRA & FDA certified, we take pride in being cruelty-free as well. An eco-conscious brand, we only use recyclable, eco-friendly packaging and are committed to reducing waste by engaging in planet-friendly processes.


Kanelle fragrances are Indian at heart with an international look and feel.

For every version of you!

The countless moods and infinite shades of modern free-spirited women - this is the inspiration behind our range of perfumes. 

No matter who she is, we have a fragrance to suit her personality. Each perfume enthrals with a distinctive aroma, and can be layered with another to create a unique, one-of-a-kind fragrance.

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Essentiale X Signature

Kanelle’s fragrance collection - Scentsationally You comprises 3 Essentiale & 2 Signature scents. 

Essentiales are classic scents for the modern free-spirited woman. 

Signatures are composed of unique combinations & compositions, created for depth & opulence. 

Both Essentiale and Signature fragrances have been made with complementary perfume notes that when layered with each other create beautiful and alluring new scents.

Discover, explore and create your new go-to scent by layering an Essentiale with a Signature fragrance.

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  • Inspired from a practice that finds its roots in the Middle East, the art of perfume layering was prevalent primarily to help enhance the olfactory effects of fragrances. This idea of discovering and curating fragrances that are unique to you lies at the heart of and is the founding idea of Kanelle’s range of perfumes. 

    Individually, each fragrance has been designed to elevate and enhance the multifacetedness that comprises a woman, and together the whole collection gives the free-spirited woman the choice to find her own unique fragrance.