Kanelle X Sirohi - Set for her

Kanelle X Sirohi - Set for her

Kanelle started its journey with some creativity and a vision. A vision that developed the brand’s ethos– Sustainability, women empowerment and innovation. Our founder Kanika Jain, found ways to design garments that bring together her love for fashion and these values that she holds closest to her heart. It’s not been the easiest journey creating art, especially in the fashion industry and not stray away from our morals and beliefs. It’s difficult to believe in slow fashion, slow living and handmade products in a world that is constantly trying to be faster. Hence, Kanelle understands and has huge respect for homegrown brands doing the same - creating art while aiming to make a difference in the world. We get immense joy in collaborating with like-minded creative people and working together with them. This June we had a beautiful opportunity to collaborate with another such brand - Sirohi and launched Kanelle X Sirohi ‘SET FOR HER’.

Sirohi is a luxury furniture brand that advocates a slow and simple lifestyle based on values of Indian heritage and culture. Kanelle is a premium fashion & fragrance brand whose creations are designed for the free-spirited modern woman. Both brands with stark differences on the surface, share various brand ethos at their heart – Sustainability, Women empowerment & Innovation.

Keeping in mind these values, a handcrafted woven Sirohi bag was created as a special packaging case for Kanelle’s Discovery Set. Together they make the perfect Set For Her - A combo set made for the modern women, as they go through their day fighting challenges and taking on multiple roles. The Sirohi bag is multipurpose, your best partner to carry your phone, your keys, your fashion accessories, your everyday essentials etc, and Kanelle’s discovery set comes with 5 reusable Eau De Parfum bottles containing a unique fragrance for your every mood. The discovery set has all of Kanelle’s premium fragrances in travel size, easy- to- carry bottles. You can discover your favourite scent, layer the scents and play around with them. Choose your favourite perfume combo for the day and carry it in your Sirohi bag!

Sirohi’s multipurpose bag is not just any shopper bag. It is made with recycled yarns by women artisans. The set is made by women for women, those who take charge of their own lives and are always striving against adversity. From the strong women artisans, who are the breadwinners, learning to be financially independent and weaving their own stories to you – a modern woman; independent, fierce and a free spirit. The bags and perfumes are both crafted with excellence and precision. Just like how Sirohi’s bag is woven out of beautiful recycled yarns, Kanelle’s scents are also fused together with exclusive notes that complement each other. Each fragrance can be layered with another one. The notes don’t clash but complement and merge to enhance and elevate each other.

We imagine you throughout the day – going in and out of meetings, going for brunches and dinners, going partying with friends or on a solidarity nature walk – Sirohi’s bag and a signature Kanelle perfume will accompany you throughout your adventures. Take your ‘Set For Her’ anywhere with you - Compact, and always ready for your every mood.

The set is also a perfect gift for the women in your life. A luxury perfume set along with an artisanal hand-woven bag can hardly ever go wrong. It is a beautiful combination of utility and craft – something Kanelle and Sirohi always aim for. So, get your own ‘Set For Her’, for yourself or your loved ones and experience the beautiful collaboration between two homegrown brands – Kanelle and Sirohi. A collaboration made out of respect and love – for the strong women of this world, for the environment and for the craft of design.

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