Kanelle Woman | A Free Spirit

Kanelle Woman | A Free Spirit

Every morning, on our way to work, we spot a bunch of Women, ready to face the day just like us. Dressed elegantly, expressing their unique personalities through their style. Some of them are Founders, managing an entire company, some are mothers, managing an entire family, while some are artists, creating masterpieces; they are smart, strong, fashion forward and living life on their own terms. They are modern independent women - women girl look up to, aspire to be and walk hand in hand with, empowering and uplifting each other.

These are Kanelle Women – our muses and our inspiration. The way they pave their own paths and reach for their dreams… the way they embrace their femininity and softness, without losing their voice and most importantly the way they are not afraid to be their true selves, they are real, authentic and free, is what motivates us to create for them, with them.

While we truly believe every woman out there is a Kanelle woman, here are 7 definite signs that you might be one:

  • You are a free spirit
    You cannot be tamed, kept in chains. You run wild and free, paving your own path, making your own stories. You are a free spirit.
  • You are Fashion forward
    You don’t just follow trends; you find art in fashion. It is a medium of expression for you and you’re willing to get edgy yet classy - and show this through your contemporary attire, modern fashion accessories and premium quality wear.
  • You’re self-aware, self-acceptant
    True wisdom comes from self-awareness. You know yourself, your strengths, your likes and dislikes and know what makes you, your true self.
  • You are creative
    Thinking out of the box excites you, it comes easy. It is important for you to be authentic and unique and express it aesthetically and artistically.
  • You voice your opinions.
    You’re not scared to say what is in your mind. Your voice demonstrates your rationale, your strong headedness and your strength.
  • You embrace Sisterhood
    A sense of belonging in being a woman. An urge to uplift and empower each other and build your female tribe.
  • You embrace your femininity
    While you are not afraid to take on traditionally masculine roles, you also embrace the softness, the kindness and the loving spirit women have been associated with. These make you stronger, just like a Kanelle eau de parfum – soft and sweet but also strong and striking.

At Kanelle, we love to bring alive the story of a woman’s free spirit, independence and authenticity with our free-flowing textiles, feminine prints & elegant designs. We create for confident women who love fashion, live life on their own terms and define their own rules – women just like you.

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